When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school
1965 Nikkormat FT

It's a wonder I can think at all.
And though my lack of education hasn't hurt me none,
I can read the writing on the wall.

You give us those nice bright colors.
You give us the greens of summers.
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!
I got a Nikon camera.
I love to take a photograph.
So Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away!

Photography combines art and science. Part of a photographer's mind contemplates the aesthetic arrangement of elements within the lens while another part works out the technical details of composition. Form, line, pattern and shape combine with shutter speed, aperture and color temperature within a camera to create images. And all of that happens long before the chemistry and additional physics of the darkroom -- now replaced by the intricacies of computer science and digital image manipulation.

Photography remains a fulfilling pursuit, simultaneously appealing to the scientist and the artist inside each of us.


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